Tech Day - May 1, 2010
Schriever, LA

Steve had a little trouble getting some fasteners to behave...

Here's Farrar Hudkins' carbureted engine.

This is Bill Robertson's carbureted "bilge pump" engine. Looking good after the long journey from North Carolina!

Farrar explains his carburetor conversion ... and oil leak.
Left to right: Bill Robertson, Farrar Hudkins, Steve Rice, a guest very interested in Farrar's engine, Fred Duplechin.

That's Fred's car on the left, Steve's car on the right in front of Farrar's car. Farrar wanted to check his front brake rotors.
Left to right: Steve Rice, Fred Duplechin.

Farrar's car gets put on a "MaxJax" lift for the first time so he can check the front brake rotors and cooling fans.
Left to right: Louie Golden, Farrar Hudkins, Fred Duplechin.

Left to right: Farrar Hudkins, Steve Rice, a guest very interested in the underside of DeLoreans.

Steve helps with Farrar's car while his roof panel adhesive cures.
Special appearance by Farrar's and Bill's shoes. Brown is the new patent leather.

Farrar's rotors didn't look bad, and the cooling fans seemed to work. Bill's car, needing no work done, looks patiently on from the driveway. To the right, Fred's car gets a new glovebox latch installed.

Deciding what to do about the rusty fuel tank closing plate bolts!
Left to right: Fred Duplechin, special guest, Farrar Hudkins, Bill Robertson.

Big thanks to Fred Duplechin for hosting the event, and for all the pictures!