Cruise-in and Trailing Arm Bolt Inspection Day - July 9, 2011

Cruise-in at Laurel Valley Plantation in  Thibodaux:

Steve's car is in front. Fred's (the one with the two-tone wheels) is in the back. Fred's 1955 Studebaker President is also present.

Here you can see a little more of Fred's Studebaker, plus an El Camino and 1936 Ford which were also at the cruise-in.

Here's a better view of Fred's '55 President.

Fred's DeLorean's engine bay.

Fred's President again.

And the badge on Fred's DeLorean's grill!

After the cruise-in, we went to Fred's house to put his car on the lift and check out his trailing arm bolts.

Removing the trailing arms can be a bit tricky...
Left to right: Brian Jakes, Fred Duplechin, Steve Rice.

... and may include the use of a pipe over a wrench for some added "oomph."
Left to right: Steve Rice, Fred Duplechin. Cameo appearance: Brian's right arm.

We ended up using an old fence post to put some "weight" on the rear suspension.
Left to right: Brian Jakes, Fred Duplechin.

Almost there...
Left to right: Brian Jakes, Fred Duplechin.

Driver's side looks fine!

Passenger side is fine, too!

It was decided that Fred's trailing arm bolts were free of corrosion and perfectly straight, and so they did not need to be replaced at this time.

A fun and productive day!